Join the India’s Successful Relay Business


Flowerciti is Spreading Wider and Wider...

We have already completed 10 years in this wonderful business of floral gifting; now we are growing our membership. We've delivered fantastic results over the Diwali, Christmas, Valentine's and Mother's Day peaks, now we need even more skilled florists to work with us and join us on continued growth!


Joining us you can market your business even more effectively with a flowerciti membership that gives you access to the 450 locations in India and142 counties world over. This will increase your profits.


Already the most frequently used flower brand, flowerciti is ready to take the next steps to an even more successful future and you could be part of this success story too.


 What's more, we will be delivering what you love most about being in a relay network - florists working with florists. Our commitment to you is to deliver your orders within 5 hours within India and leverage possibility of getting your orders delivered most of the countries world over on a same day depending on the time zone you make a request.


We are committed to extend commercial initiatives to ensure financial stability for all partners.


What we can do for you...

  • Provide additional orders - We generate good orders for your region, this will make you outstand your nearest relay competitor.

  • Additional incremental business - We will help to add value to your sales through promotions, product line extensions, premium delivery services and a wide range of finishing touches including exclusive branded chocolates, champagne and teddy bears.

  • Provide your business with a link to an International market - Virtue of joining our relay network you become multinational company, your nearest competitor would envey your approach to business, and would be your customers pride dealing with your.

  • Use of the Flowerciti brand - As a member you will benefit from the full use of our brand and drive more customers into your business.

  • Full marketing support - Ongoing marketing tools and advice to enable you to market to new & loyal customers. Also provided is FREE, regular point of sale materials.

  • FREE business advice - Via our on the job relationship managers who shall visit you on a regular interval to update you with latest trend , events, and will part with FREE Business Consultancy

  • Offer real financial stability via an established and growing business - Over 0.5 million deliveries done till now either by direct execution or through our relay service around the world.

  • Be part of the best florist network in the India - With over 300 florist affiliating florist all of them quality tested by Flowerciti standards.


If you feel you've got what it takes to become a member of Flowerciti and want to turn your successful business into an even more profitable one then
call +91-22-26243911 or Click here to register your details.